Smoking Accessories

Here at Hunky Dory, we are proud to offer a vast selection of accessories to help you weigh, carry and clean your products. We carry top quality brands at reasonable prices and are sure to have whatever it is you may need.


We sell high quality scales from well-known and reliable brands that have the ability to measure down to the thousandth of a gram accurately. Some of our best-selling brands include the Palmscale, Triton T3, Proscale and Fuzion. Various calibration weights are also available.


If you have grungy build-up or just a little grime, we have a variety of quick rinse and soakers to deodorize any piece. We also carry deodorizing room sprays from 420, Orange Chronic and Ozium, as well as rezblock and disinfecting wipes from 420.


From simple plastic, wood and anodized aluminum to high quality aerospace aluminum, the brands we carry include EZ grind, Diamond grind, Santa Cruz Shredder, Phoenician, Cosmic and Space Case


For safe and easy travel with your piece, we always have a wide variety of carrying cases.  From hard shell to pouches, some of them are made of hemp and even smell resistant!

Lighters & Torches

Whether you need an every day lighter, one that is windproof or something more high-powered, we have a flame for everyone.  Some of our brands include Clipper, BIC, Zippo, Vertigo, Eagle and Vector.



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